About Andrea

Andrea Michal Gootnick is a Holistic Life Coach credentialed in ‘Evidence Based Coaching’ through Fielding Graduate University. She holds a BA in Communications from UCLA, as well as a certification in ‘Mediation and Conflict Resolution.’ Beyond Andrea’s formal education, she has a wealth of experience teaching and facilitating workshops and coaching individual clients. She uses her powerful combination of training and wisdom to guide others towards making life-changing discoveries and bringing them closer to their true path of inner peace, joy and love.

Along with raising three sons in the Conejo Valley, she is the former owner of New Moon Wellness, and is an entrepreneur that focuses on conscious-living products and services.


I am a coach and mentor to women who seek a path of purpose and balance. I provide guidance to realign women emotionally, physically and spiritually; awakening one’s unique qualities and core values to realize one’s full potential in today’s challenging and beautiful world.

As women, we are constantly juggling our career, our family and friends with our need for self-care. We are busy, and often we feel like we’ve lost our connection to what really matters. We desire to live a life with authenticity and aliveness. 

As an intuitive and Holistic Life Coach, I focus on your overall well-being. I will guide you to rise and feel more confidence, contentment and purpose.

I wish to see you succeed and thrive in your endeavours and your relationships to self and others, creating the life you so desire.


As a woman building a career in Los Angeles and a mother of three young boys, I sometimes felt alone and overwhelmed with my responsibilities. My marriage was supportive, and although we loved each other deeply, I felt unsatisfied. The life I was living felt incomplete and unauthentic. These underlying feelings had me struggle with anxiety and depression. Guilt over past mistakes and fear of what may lay ahead were the stories that played over and over in my heart and mind.

The journey into darkness, coupled with the feeling of being alone with humanity, was to play a role in shaking my spirit loose. What brought me back to a life of clarity was my resolve to accept love and be true to my innate power.

Through the many challenges life offers us women, we all have the choice to make changes. We have the tools to find freedom to live our lives the way we truly want to, regardless of the obstacles we may face. Through perseverance and deep, sometimes hard, and insightful work, I personally chose to create a new and different internal dialogue. This work allowed me to transform–similar to how the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.

As a woman in the world, I stepped into my authentic self and began to balance the strength of my feminine and masculine attributes. 

I live my life today, in which happiness is abundant and freely expressed. I feel purposeful, fulfilled, and I love my relationships. Most importantly, I honour and love myself.

I am grateful at this time to recognize that we are undergoing a ‘new age of change.’ It is exciting and wondrous to see how the feminine aspects of humanity are rising and reclaiming our collective ancient power. We are becoming the force we are all meant to be. I understand that each one of us is capable of being in the full expression of LIGHT, as we accept who we are as individuals and allow for the process of transformation.

We have the opportunity to manifest our dreams and live a life of authenticity. Through my supportive and introspective coaching sessions, workshops and retreats, I offer the opportunity to help you ‘Re-wild’ the beautiful woman you are … back to, You. 

Please join me in this important work as we celebrate and become powerful and abundant once more.


I have had the opportunity in life to be open to receiving messages from a divine source. This gift has come to me clearly, and I understand the importance I may offer others in sharing. 

If you are open and willing, I have the unique ability to communicate with Archangels to deliver relevant messages to you.  

The Archangels are benevolent, and may:

~ Ask you to create change in your life.

~ Give you hope for renewal and strength.

~ Send you guidance for challenges or conflicts you may have with your career, relationships, and daily life.

~ Advise you to take actions that move you into a more positive direction for yourself or your loved ones.

With the Archangels assistance, I may guide you to clear negative energy that may be surrounding you. This will help you feel more balanced and centered with yourself, in your place of business and home.

The messages come clearly and are precise, and the time required to receive is efficient. 

$8 per minute, 15 minute minimum.

Sessions are held by phone, video-call or in person

Contact Andrea for a session via email or phone (818) 389-0397


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