I have had the opportunity in life to be open to receiving messages from a divine source. Although I work in a professional field, this gift has come to me clearly, and I understand the importance I may offer others in sharing. 

If you are open and willing, I have the unique ability to communicate with Archangels to deliver relevant messages to you.  

The Archangels are benevolent, and may:

~ Ask you to create change in your life.

~ Give you hope for renewal and strength.

~ Send you guidance for challenges or conflicts you may have with your career, relationships, and daily life.

~ Advise you to take actions that move you into a more positive direction for yourself or your loved ones.

With the Archangels assistance, I may guide you to clear negative energy that may be surrounding you. This will help you feel more balanced and centered with yourself, in your place of business and home.

The messages come clearly and are precise, and the time required to receive is efficient. 

$8 per minute, 15 minute minimum.

Sessions are held by phone, video-call or in person 

Contact Andrea for a session via email or phone (818) 389-0397