Imagine you can change your reality through increased awareness, which will allow you to step into your highest self and experience life at it’s fullest – empowered and aligned with your unique individual purpose. If you are already on the path toward consciousness, and have reached a roadblock or plateau, working with Andrea will help you to:

  • Move through life with more acceptance and gratitude
  • Understand your fears and discover the freedom that lies within you
  • Create and sustain positive energy in your body, mind and heart
  • Attract greater abundance
  • Love yourself unconditionally
  • Foster rewarding relationships
  • Connecting lovingly to your Divine source


Andrea speaks on a variety of subjects including removing old habits and patterns, trusting the higher source, letting go of fear and accepting love, compassionate living, becoming more “enlightened”, and rising as a human being to meet our full potential here on earth.


Organic Parenting
In this workshop we will explore the dynamics of healthy parenting. We will delve into the ways to create balance in the areas of our children’s wants vs. their needs. Our discussion will include setting appropriate boundaries with our children with the understanding of how our children are our gifts and not our possessions. As you learn to become a parental “guide” you are able to allow your children to make healthy choices and live a life that is more empowered and authentic.

Transforming Grief and Loss into Love and Acceptance
If you have experienced a loss in your life such as the death of a loved one, divorce, illness, financial loss, miscarriage, a major move, accident, or loss of a job or career, you are not alone. The myths of grief, the five stages of grieving and additional responses to loss, will be examined through storytelling and personal experiences. Learn what can happen to your mind, body and soul during difficult times and what solutions are available to you. Learn how to stay healthy and positive during this time of transition and develop tools and strategies to cope more effectively with your loss.

Creating an Ethical Will
If you were to die tomorrow, what would your legacy be? What messages would you leave your loved ones? What values and core lessons would you be remembered by? This workshop guides you to realize what is truly meaningful to you in this lifetime and how you can share your personal story in the most efficient and effective way. Writing an “Ethical Will” is a proactive exercise of expressing who you truly are and creating a blueprint for the people that are most important to you.

Children of Survivors:
Healing the Old Wounds of Inhumane Injustices and Traumatic Experiences
Have you been raised by a parent who has experienced suffering at the hands of others?  Have you felt the repercussions of the emotional ups and downs that they may have presented to the family because of their experiences?  Let us come together, discuss and work through the impact their lives may have had on our own. Understand their pain, how it has affected you, and learn the methods to let it go.

Transformational Storytelling
Have you ever gone through a challenging transition and made it to the other side?  Are you still on the journey?  Share your story, or listen to others in a safe and supportive environment. Understand the benefits of Narrative Medicine.

Your story of triumph and liberation may include the topics of:

  • Overcoming addiction
  • Moving through a difficult transition in a relationship
  • Healing anxiety and depression
  • Conquering illness

 Keeping the Peace Through one of the Most Trying Times of Your Life
Amicable Divorce-Soul Contracts
Separation and divorce can happen for many reasons, they need not become a source of unnecessary pain or drama.  There are ways to remain collaborative and supportive during this transition by choosing a more conscious path in your communication and interaction with your partner, children and other loved ones involved.  Learn what to expect and how best to proceed while maintaining mutual respect and appreciation.

Empty Nest: A Time for Change
It’s a time you look forward to, but with understandable reservation.  After years of intimate hands on caregiving, you find yourself home alone with a new abundance of time, energy and attention and you may find yourself wondering, what next?  Ease through this transition with purpose and grace by moving from full time caregiver to a supporting role in your child’s life, and the leading role in your own.  Explore the topics of mourning, giving your children time and space to adjust, financial and emotional support.  Discover what possibilities await you and get excited about the opportunity to create something new!


Combining her passion for open communication and her natural role as a leader, Andrea guides Spirit Circles with individuals who gather together to exchange heartfelt thoughts and personal narratives of how life is experienced through our complicated perceptions as well as those of a shared collective.  A Spirit Circle has a structured way of working so that each participant feels honored and heard. All of us can learn just as much from each other’s wisdom as we can from a book or teacher. Self- expression and listening intently to others is the key to growth. Connecting to each other intimately and honestly can be life-changing in itself, and by being a part of a Spirit Circle our energy becomes lifted and we have a greater chance of tackling life’s challenges with clarity and confidence.


Individual Coaching
– $220.00 per session (sessions last from one to two hours)
– $180.00 Ongoing Coaching per session (3 or more sessions)

Group  Workshop Facilitation and Spirit Circles
– $360.00 for two hour workshop

Public Speaking
-Rates available upon request

To schedule a session, workshop or speaking engagement,
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Andrea Tree Crop

Andrea Michal is certified in Evidence Based Life Coaching, Organizational Development and Leadership and has a degree in Communications from UCLA. She has a certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution and is a Shadow Work Facilitator and Way of Council leader as well. She owns and operates New Moon Wellness, a Healing Arts Hub and Conscious Community Center in Agoura Hills, California and is a Spiritual Mentor and Holistic Wellness Practitioner. Andrea Michal’s practice includes connecting to energy fields in order to heal her self and others on a physical and emotional level. She channels information through guidance from her angels & guides and holds a safe space for individuals, teens, couples, families and business associates to learn and grow. In the entrepreneurial spirit, Andrea Michal co-creates with other conscious business idea-generators for our world to become a more sustainable and uplifting environment for future generations.

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