Three 8 week courses designed to help you succeed, thrive & radiate your light!

Raising your Vibration

Becoming a Beacon of Light

What is a beacon of light? Every one of us is a work of art, and, like an empty canvas to be painted, we are creation itself, happening moment by moment as we transform and grow. When we master our responses to our environment and unconditionally love ourselves and all other human beings, we become a ‘Beacon of Light’. Learn the 14 keys to unlock the light within you and delve into subjects such as: courage, creativity, relationships, boundaries, choices, freedom, consistency, abundance and love. 

1 hour a week for 8 weeks (5/20/21 - 7/8/21)

Starting Thursday May, 20th @ 5pm PST

$25 a class  | ZOOM


The Power of Peace in Your Relationships

Do you want less conflict and more contentment? Do you want to improve your understanding of how to communicate in a positive and loving way? Learn the tools to communicate more effectively with the people in your life. Together we will explore different avenues of compassionate speaking and active listening to create lasting and genuine soul connections. 

1 hour a week for 8 weeks

To be announced in July / August


Facilitate with Your Heart: Lead, Inspire, & Achieve

Do you want to expand your skills, gain new tools, and become a more confident and authentic leader with groups and individuals? This course will help you foster your understanding of how to facilitate group dynamics with ease and grace and open up your communication skills within your relationships with family and friends. When we are able to facilitate effectively, our personal lives and businesses blossom into successful enterprises. 

1 hour a week for 8 weeks

To be announced in July / August


8 Week Course

1 course
$ 240

Package of 2

2 courses
$ 420 You Save $60

Package of 3

3 courses
$ 640 You save $80
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