Imagine your life in its full richness

Knowing what your unique purpose is allows you to bring more of your authentic and whole self into your career and personal life.

If you are already on the path toward consciousness, and have reached a roadblock or plateau, working with me will help you to:

  • Move through life with more acceptance and gratitude
  • Understand where doubts and fears are anchored, and move through them with courage
  • Discover the freedom that lies within you 
  • Create and sustain positive energy in your body, mind and heart
  • Attract greater abundance
  • Foster rewarding relationships
  • Connect lovingly to your intuitive self
  • Live with your integrity 
  • And discover what is authentic within

I will guide you to rise and feel more confidence, contentment and purpose.

Individual coaching entails:

  • One-on-one strategy sessions where we will focus on your needs and goals. What is working for you and what you desire to change? Together we will lay the foundations for an action plan that will involve your career, family and self-care. Determining your focus is the goal of the first session. 
  • Further sessions give you the opportunity to share your challenges, and guide you to use any challenges as catalysts for success.  
  • You will receive insight, feedback and support to bring mindfulness into daily living.
  • As you further your coaching sessions, I will offer energy healing tools to help you clear unwanted energy and balance you with positive energy. 
  • All coaching sessions will be followed up with a check-in, ensuring you are moving in a direction that is most optimal. 


One-on-one sessions are offered at $180 per session. Email to book.
I look forward to connecting with you.

I will turn no-one away for financial reasons, please contact me to discuss a beneficial exchange.


“I admire the work you are doing in our life and the way you choose to live authentically. I’m honoured to meet and spend more time with such a beautiful woman who both aligns and inspires my path.”
-Jessica, Oak Park


Receive the support you need to delve into what you desire most.

Enhance your confidence, creativity, relationships and feminine power in the workplace and at home with the guidance and teachings of Andrea Michal.


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