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Tribe of Light

Andrea’s third and final book of her trilogy, Tribe of Light, How Community Helps Us Heal, reflects how community offers us a significant means of healing and, ultimately, well-being. Andrea collaborated with 8 other amazing women and has compiled nine inspirational stories, including her own, that illustrate how the path to transformation may begin in our most vulnerable moments; and how, with the support of their respective communities, each of these women triumphed over illness, injury or emotional trauma.

“Both our intimate and larger communities help us expand our relationships to include not only our human tribe but also connections with animals, nature and the Universal Source. The insight shared by these gifted authors is that when we open our hearts, we tap into our unlimited capacity for giving and receiving love – for ourselves and each other.

We are not meant to be alone; we are infinitely intertwined. Now more than ever, a sense of anxiety and uneasiness has become commonplace. Tribe of Light reminds us that when we seek to return to wholeness—our natural state of being—through the connection within our communities, or tribes, we heal and find ourselves living more authentic and peaceful lives”.

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Beacon Of Light

Well-being is the goal or the actual place we all want to be enjoying for all time and in all ways: physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Every one of us is a work of art, and, like an empty canvas to be painted, we are creation itself, happening moment by moment as we transform and grow. When we master our responses to our environment and unconditionally love ourselves and all other human beings, we have then become a ‘Beacon of Light’. We all have the potential to be a magnificent part of this metamorphosis of light. This well written book contains questions for you to contemplate and pages to write your answers. What a joyful experience to guide you along your way!

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Encounter The Light

Are you ready to embark on a soulful journey of self-discovery, curiosity, and intrigue? Do you hope to become a shining light in your everyday existence? By peering into the life of Andrea Michal, you will find a glimmer of hope and understanding about yourself and realize you are not alone on the path of light. Andrea Michal’s practice includes connecting to energy fields in order to heal self and others on a physical and emotional level. She channels information through guidance from her angels and guides and presents it now in Encounter the Light. This book is a collection of personal accounts and stories intended to help you heal, rise, and renew! Experience the tools necessary to raise your vibration and energy to enter the flow of life and connect to your higher self. Learn how to become a spiritual warrior, accept more love, let go of fears, and find balance within the polarity of life. Each chapter presents a wealth of knowledge on how we can live more in our authentic states and get in touch with the divine source of light within us all.

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