Be immersed in nature, beauty, serenity, exploration and adventure …

Re-Wild You … An Extraordinary Retreat for Women

Designed to reconnect to your innate, whole and wild self.

Wild as you are natural.

You, because you have drive; you are a woman who yearns authenticity. You are a feminine being in this world, and the balancing act of drive, compassion, management of work and family challenges your ability to embody who you really are.

Allow yourself to evolve into a healthier, happier and more loving version of your true nature.

In this retreat, you will reconnect to your innate feminine, while recognizing the integrity and importance of your masculine attributes of drive, strength and dignity. We will re-energize the parts of you that are alive but may be clouded by the day-to-day or the conditioning bestowed upon you from our cultural upbringing and society.

Many aspects of yourself will be brought to awareness and if they need healing, this will be your opportunity to do so. If they need rejuvenation, you will feel it!  

The workshops will give you an opportunity to enter into a community with like-minded women. Our time together will create harmony and strengthen the female relationships and bonds we all share.

The goal of this retreat is to empower you to embody your natural state, and provide you with grace and ease in a world in which so many of us feel alone. 

We will explore our lives with sincerity, honesty and compassion, so we can live more, be more, love more … as we anchor ourselves in a life full of authenticity and meaning.

Reconnect to a fulfilled, calm and passionate you.

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As a coach, mentor, workshop and retreat facilitator for women, I design retreat programs that ignite women’s path of purpose and balance. I provide guidance to realign women emotionally, physically and spiritually; awakening one’s unique qualities and core values to realize one’s full potential.

As women, we are constantly juggling our career, our family and friends with our need for self-care. We are busy, and often we feel like we’ve lost our connection to what really matters. We desire to live a life with authenticity and aliveness whilst refining our confident nature to that of our natural feminine.  

Drawing on a team of experienced, intelligent and gifted women, I shall create for your organization a tailored and facilitated retreat focused on the goals of re-igniting women’s sense of purpose, success and core feminine qualities. 

You may wish to peruse a sampling of my workshops or become inspired by the recently completed retreat “Re-Wild You … An Extraordinary Retreat for Women” as described below.

Contact me for details to create a moving and unforgettable experience for yourself and the women who surround you.

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