As we journey together through this intricate matrix called LIFE, it is important to feel free to express our experiences and our personal and business narratives with each other. 

There can be a feeling of chaos and instability in the world. Today more than ever, our world needs our capacity to show up and effect change. Balancing our energies with a more feminine, nature inspired style of leadership that is people-centered, communicative, transparent, and more successful than masculine dominated leadership is essential. We are in an age where allowing for your feminine strengths to shine through will help you find your authentic voice in your home and workplace.

When we are connected to a tribe of women guided to be honest, open, compassionate and heartfelt, we feel like we are receiving a warm embrace. We open up and become comfortable to be our true selves. A magical and eye-opening experience happens.


Wisdom Circle

A Wisdom Circle is a guided safe space with women. You can tell it like it is. Share your insight, reflect on your humanness, embrace your brilliance and let your light shine. It is an experience to see and be seen. You are guided safely to open your heart and mind. A wisdom circle allows you to be in love with ALL of you–the positive and what you perceive to be the negative. The power of your inner being in turn helps others embrace their inner wisdom and light.

Conscious Parenting

In this workshop we will explore the dynamics of healthy parenting. We will delve into the ways to create balance in the areas of our children’s wants vs. their needs. Our discussion will include setting appropriate boundaries with our children and the understanding of how our children are our gifts and not our possessions. As you learn to become a parental “guide” you are able to allow your children to make healthy choices and live a life that is more empowered and authentic.

Transforming Grief and Loss into Love and Acceptance

If you have experienced a loss in your life such as the death of a loved one, divorce, illness, financial loss, miscarriage, a major move, accident, or loss of a job or career, you are not alone. The myths of grief, the five stages of grieving and additional responses to loss, will be examined through storytelling and personal experiences. Learn what can happen to your mind, body and spirit during difficult times and what solutions are available to you. Learn how to stay healthy during this time of transition and develop tools and strategies to cope more effectively with your loss.

Creating an Ethical Will

If you were to die tomorrow, what would your legacy be? What messages would you leave your loved ones? What values and core lessons would you be remembered by? This workshop guides you to realize what is truly meaningful to you in this lifetime. How can you share your personal story in the most efficient and effective way? Writing an “Ethical Will” is a proactive exercise of expressing who you truly are and creating a blueprint legacy for the people most important to you.

Children of Survivors:
Healing the wounds of inhumane injustice and traumatic experiences

Have you been raised by a parent who has experienced suffering at the hands of others? Have you felt the repercussions of the emotional ups and downs presented in your family? Most of us have. Inhumane injustice and trauma has been inflicted on humanity. They are generational and they impact our lives, regardless if we are aware of the exact injustice or trauma. Let us come together, discuss and work through the impact our relatives lives may have had on our own. Understand their pain, how it has affected you, and learn the methods to let it go.

Transformational Storytelling

Have you ever gone through a challenging transition and made it to the other side?  Are you still on the journey? Share your story, or listen to others in a guided and safe supportive environment. Understand the benefits of this ‘Narrative medicine.’

Your story of triumph and liberation may include the topics of:

  • Overcoming addiction
  • Moving through a difficult transition in a relationship
  • Healing anxiety and depression
  • Conquering illness and dis-ease. 

The benefits of what I call ‘Narrative medicine’ can be processed in the reflection of your own personal journey. We leave with insight, tools and inspiration to effect positive change in our lives.

Amicable Divorce-Soul Contracts
Keeping the peace through one of the most trying times of your life

Separation and divorce can happen for many reasons and they need not become a source of unnecessary pain or drama. There are ways to remain collaborative and supportive during this transition. Choosing a more conscious path in your communication and interaction with your partner, children and loved ones involved are the tools you will be guided to embody. Learn what to expect and how to proceed during this transition so you can maintain mutual respect and appreciation for those around you during this time. 

Empty Nest: A Time for Change

It’s a time you look forward to, but with understandable reservation. After years of intimate hands-on caregiving, you find yourself home alone with a new abundance of time, energy and attention. You may find yourself wondering, “What next?” Our society marks milestones such as birth, weddings, death with some form of acknowledgement, such as ceremony, yet we rarely do so for such an important mile-stone in our lives. We need to be honored for the magnificent role we have given our lives to. Ease through this transition with purpose and grace by discovering the means to re-create a new role of your own. We will explore the topics of mourning and celebration, how to allow your child the time and space to adjust, how to engage in financial and emotional support and how to ease into a new role of self-identity. 

Conscious Leadership

Every person has the capacity for leadership and the ability to inspire others. True leadership is not dependent solely on financial success, but living consciously with the abundance in our lives. In this workshop, we explore the qualities that take our leadership style to a new level with confidence. Living as your authentic self is key to being a conscious leader. In this workshop we will explore balancing the mind with intuition when making decisions, understanding the law of co-existence and collaboration, and redefining the pathways to prosperity as a conscious leader.

Finding Your Heaven on Earth

Everyone can walk on this Earth as though it is heaven. But how? Explore the fourteen ways that help create a more peaceful and calm existence—even in the midst of challenges, difficulties and chaos. We all have the ability to increase our light and shine it brightly for others to witness and receive. The more we reach toward that light, the more flow and joy we have in existence.

Intention Setting

Do you know how and why intention setting is important? This workshop will explore the reasons why we practice intention setting, what the optimal times to set your intentions are, and help you discover and define what your true intentions really are. You must truly believe what your intentions are for them to manifest. We will journal, reflect, and decipher your intentions, set them and allow for the magic to happen.

All workshops carry the spirit of confidentiality. 

Contact me in order to design a workshop suited to your group.